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U13 Training

This is our U13 program, designed to introduce and develop training habits in young athletes. With a focus on skill development and self motivation.

We develop tactics for racing which allow our athletes to begin competing in a fun environment. This includes the advancement of body position on the bike, cornering and advanced pressure management skills.

Mental expansion comes in the form of strategy and line choice direction.

As a competition based program, we will be racing at all Phat Wednesday races and Kids/Crankworx events. Race support for this level will be included in the program fee and will be scheduled accordingly.

Participants are required to meet a minimum riding standard and must reach out via email with a brief application before being accepted into the program.

Spring after school program will run April,May,June

Summer program, Tue/Thur 10am-2pm July,August

Crankworx event coaching will take over regular training during that week.

Fall after school and/or weekend program will run September, October (weather dependent)

U15 Training

This is our U15 program, designed as a stepping stone to participate in regional and national level races.

We have designed specific sessions to facilitate development of fitness and the skills necessary for competition.

Riders can choose to specialize in Enduro or Downhill primarily. Training will cross over between disciplines and all Athletes should race outside of their chosen specialty too.

Our coaches break down key techniques into individual movement patterns. This will create efficient autonomy when it comes to race day.

Participants of Instinct Development program are expected to participate in either the CNES or BC cup/Canada cup series races, as well as Crankworx.

Race support for the Whistler BC cup and all Crankworx events is included in the registration costs.

Participants of Instinct Racing must register for race support at any other BC cups they attend in order to join in with team training and use their coaches as resources during the event.

Our race support is a crucial part of our program and gives athletes the opportunity to bounce ideas and concerns off of their coaches. We aim to provide the highest level of athlete support with a minimum of 2 coaches attending each event.

We also provide mechanical assistance and can help with basic spares. However, Athletes are responsible for providing spare components such as tires, wheel, suspension etc.

Training Schedule:

Spring after school/weekend program April,May,June

Summer, U15 4 hours sessions Tue/Thu mornings 10am-2pm, one day option available for BC cup racers.

Fall September

U17 and U21 Training

These programs are a natural progression from our U15 program, providing a comprehensive approach to skill development and performance coaching for older athletes. During summer coached sessions, U17 and U21 athletes transition from half-day to intense 2.5-hour practices, combining physical and mental preparation.

Our coaching approach for older athletes involves a strategic blend of performance coaching and skill enhancement. Short, focused sessions are meticulously designed to push the skill levels of these riders to new heights. Athletes in these categories should be actively participating in a full series of National-level races such as BC/Canada Cup.

Performance coaching is integrated into our training regimen, offering personalized guidance to enhance race-day strategies, refine racing tactics, and optimize overall athletic performance. Coaches work closely with athletes to develop race-specific mental resilience, providing insights into track dynamics, and offering valuable feedback during intense practice sessions.

Race support for U17 and U21 athletes is available (separate reg) as an integral component of their training, encompassing tactical planning, mechanical assistance, track walks, warm-up routines, and in-depth line coaching. This holistic support ensures that athletes are well-prepared for the demands of competitive racing at the National level.

Several graduates from this program have successfully transitioned to tackling their first International-level events as Juniors at UCI DH World Cup races, showcasing the effectiveness of our performance coaching and skill development approach.

New athletes must apply with a resume via email before booking any of our programs

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